Scuba Equipment & Sales in Michigan

At Scuba North, in Traverse City, Michigan you can discover the clear advantages of having a real person help you select and be fitted for all the components of your dive gear.

The sales staff at Scuba North really know their stuff. They draw upon their extensive diving experience to help you assemble equipment that fits you, your skill level, and your diving ambitions. They can answer your questions on the spot and vouch for the quality and safety of the products they sell and service.

How important is it to choose the right dive gear? Right after training and experience, it makes the difference between a safe, comfortable and enjoyable underwater adventure and, well, somewhere you don’t want to go. Let Scuba North start you out right!

And for that indispensable diving component, compressed breathing gas, we offer the full range of air, oxygen, nitrox and trimix fills.

Product lines we carry

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